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Riding tours in Iceland

by Mar 27, 2021

Riding tours in Iceland

Riding tours in Iceland are designed to follow the ancient riding trails. Those riding trials have served people to travel across the country ever since the first settlement of Iceland. Joining a horseback riding tour is joining a real Icelandic tradition.

When you join a horseback riding tour on Icelandic horses you will come across perfect riding tracks that allow you to enjoy your horse in all gaits he can do. It is the biggest pleasure for the rider to have a chance sit an excited riding horse in beautiful nature o n the best possible movements he can do.

Why Icelandic horse?

Icelandic horses are known to be very easy to ride. The truth is that they are gentle and sweet nature and have very smooth gaits and are not so tell. You should remember thought that it is very much depending of the horse spirit and temperament how fast, will, easy or no he is. That all makes the Icelandic horses very special as they fit all kind of riders. Horses in Iceland fit both beginner riders and small kids but also can be a big challenge for and expert.

Horseback riding different

Horses in Iceland have the extra gaits, tölt and flying pace that is what makes them very unique and different in riding from a “regular” riding horse. Once you get to know Icelandic horses and theirs gaits you will experience a new world. The is also a lot of freedom in riding in Iceland. Here we think of riding for short rides and being able to go on a trial ride without big preparations. On a long riding tours you will feel a lots of freedom from riding in open nature and with a free herd for running horses with us.

Riding opportunities in Iceland

We sometimes say that in Iceland we have more riding roads then actual roads. That funny fact gives the opportunity to horseback ride all over Iceland. In highlands all over the island are located small cabins originally build for sheep gathering. Those cabins are riding patches are often used for our riding trials and tours we plan.

Ride in Iceland

Riding tours in Iceland become for many to be a tradition. Many riders from all over the world come back to Iceland every year to join another tour. Every year we try to come up with some new tour for guests to be able to come back and ride with us in another beautiful part of Iceland.

Once you start it is hard to stop.