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The Réttir Day

by Sep 22, 2012

After the lambs are born in spring, farmers send the sheep into the mountains, where they spend the summer like wild animals, grazing freely.

Our village has Skaftholtsréttir.

In September icelandic horseman and farmers ride into the mountains to collect the sheep. Day of Réttir – the farmers run the sheep into réttir which is usually a circular.

The sheep run into the middle of the sheepfold, right into the biggest section.

How to select the sheep?

You easily grab their horns, mount them and drag into the the right section.

The way you recognize old sheep and lambs is by a special ear marking, Svenni knows most of them by their faces…

I would call Réttir really big festival in the area. All people from farms around show up with families and even with little who try to drag the sheeps themselves.

We eat and drink well, and bring our selected sheep home.

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