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Horse adventure in Iceland

by Apr 7, 2021

Horse adventure in Iceland

Some people, including me, would say you haven’t really been to Iceland if you haven’t ridden an Icelandic horse while you are visiting. I tend to tell people this for multiple reasons.

Unique horsebackriding

The Icelandic horse has adapted to the harsh weather conditions and diverse
landscapes, including climbing mountain ridges. They are  crossing rivers and running over volcanic fields. All that have led them to be one of the strongest breeds of horses in the world. Besides their incredible physique, the Icelandic horse tend to form a strong bond and develop a trustworthy connection with its rider. Therefore, experiencing Iceland from the back of a horse is the most incredible way to enjoy the Icelandic scenery as well as being able to
travel through parts of Iceland you would not be able to see from inside a vehicle.

You haven’t really been to Iceland if you haven’t ridden an Icelandic horse.

When riding through Iceland on the back of a horse not only do you get a close relationship to this magnificent animal. You will also get closer to the outstanding nature that Iceland has to offer. When you see the joy in the eyes of the free running heard, feeling the movement of the horse under you. The fresh wind on your face and the smell of nature, that’s when you truly have experienced Iceland.

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