We are a couple who loves Icelandic horses and Icelandic nature.

Those two things combined mean for us only one – amazing horse riding tour! That‘s something what we do since many years and never get enough of. We decided to organize riding tours for everyone who shares our enthusiasm. Our farm is called Breiðanes. Núpshestar is a small family business, we focus on a personal, good service and smaller groups or private tours.

The area around the farm reflects the image of beautiful views, landscapes and it changes with every step. On our tours you can discover this part of Iceland where ordinary traveler never go. Special trails for Icelandic horsemen, roads which will surprise with beauty of Icelandic nature.


 We own quite large number of Icelandic horses, enough to organize excellent trip and enough to choose the right horse for our customer. Well, we follow famous Icelandic slogan say:

Owning an Icelandic horse is like eating peanuts, you can’t stop with one!

Our horses is our pride, we love every single one and we are sure that after you meet them, you are going to love them as well.


For our customers we do our best, we use our greatest horses, we cook delicious dinners, serve tasty snacks, choose the nicest ways to ride. We will convince you that a riding tour is one of the most exciting things you ever do! The tour we are going to take is Your Tour on Icelandic Horse. Join us!


Best Regards! Elwira and Svenni!